Saturday, February 25, 2012

cmda conference

From Travis:
The past few weeks have been a wonderful blessing of family time and learning. Every two years, the Christian Medical and Dental Association puts together a conference for medical professionals serving in Africa. It is designed to bring people together to compare notes on ministries, connect African serving professionals with professionals working in the States and to gain the required Continuing Medical Education Credits to maintain our licensing. I loved it and felt like a kid in a candy store going from seminar to seminar and meeting person after person. We have been praying about starting a Neonatal Care Unit in the Nyahuka Health Center and I received some great advice on how that might happen and what we would need. We also planned our restarting of the Outpatient malnutrition programs and the Maternal Health programs. Perhaps we have gotten a little too excited about what we can do, but its nice to start dreaming of what could happen. We also got to stay next to our good friends Brett and Sherry McLean who are doing amazing things in West Africa. I think Patton would have jumped on the plane with them and their three boys given a chance. Thanks CMDA.

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