Thursday, February 2, 2012

med senders

We recently welcomed Rick Allen, the President of MedSend ( and Byron Campbell of to Bundibugyo. MedSend's mission is "to enable healthcare providers to work where they have been called, unencumbered by educational debt, and to monitor their progress in their roles as healthcare providers, teachers and examples." Years ago, the Myhres registered WHM to be an affiliated organization for MedSend recipients. Today, two physicians, Dr Travis Johnson and Dr Jessica Ankney, are enabled to serve the poorest of the poor in Bundibugyo through the support of MedSend. We are grateful for the vision and mobilization of MedSend and are very encouraged by the recent visit of Rick and Byron.

Rick and Byron brought encouragement and laughter. The also exhibited flexibility when their flight arrived too late to Entebbe to charter the MAF flight into Bundi. So, they hopped in a cab and spent the night in Kampala and then flew in the next morning. When Byron, a very tall man, got out of the plane, the hundred curious and watching children screamed in Lebwisi "Are you going to eat me?" Possibly, they had never seen a man so tall! He smiled and waved to them with the standard American wave where one closes and opens ones hand. However, in African culture, that means "come here". So, as they were asking if he would eat them, he motions for them to come to him!
Byron exits the small MAF plane.
Byron and Rick were eager to see Bundi and Byron rode on the top of the vehicle in his entrance!

Photos of MedSend supported doctors, Travis and Jessica, courtesy of Byron

I was personally touched by Byron's question to us after visiting the town and touring the health center. He was genuinely moved to action and asked us to create a wish list of ministry needs that he could help mobilize others toward meeting. Rick offered words of encouragement and timely wisdom about leadership and service. We are so grateful for their visit and for their hard work in publicizing and enabling healthcare workers to be able to serve Jesus in hard places.
Webele mono!


  1. I love it! I'm an IT Specialist with MAF. Our family will be moving to Bunia, DRC in a few months. I found your blog after some email traffic with Michael Stevens. I'm also very tall, and found Byron's story pretty funny.