Thursday, February 2, 2012


Our bags were packed. The car was loaded. The shutters were shut. The keys were handed over. The long checklist was ticked off. We were beginning our long journey out of Bundibugyo for the medical conference in Kenya. But Lilli yelled, "Bella had a puppy!" Lilli, our future veterinarian who once sat patiently for three hours to watch DMC produce a calf, had witnessed Bella deliver a puppy and then carry it to her birthing box. However, the excitement turned to deep sadness as the puppy was too young to survive. And so were the three puppies that followed. Bundibugyo is a hard place to survive, even for puppies.

We are thankful for a team that has continued to care for her (and the chameleons!) as we are in Kenya. It not only takes a village to raise a child, but to care for a dog!

As we were driving away from one sadness, another greeted us. I have tried to keep tabs on the progress of the road coming. The road has moved past the Sempaya entrance of the Semiliki National Park which means that is really is coming towards us. However, it brings the loss of the great giant trees of the rainforest. These trees are beautiful, towering, and a life source for many of the ecosystem here. Travis even tried to speak to the Chinese foreman about trying to save one of the trees. Our hearts were heavy as we left the district.

We are getting more familiar with loss. We are learning to name it, grieve it, and ask God to take it and redeem it. We look forward to the day when there will be no more death, even for puppies and trees. What a day that will be!

Can you see the dusty outline of a pacifier? Evidence of dry season travel with windows only air conditioning.

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