Monday, August 27, 2012

finally all here...struggling together for God's glory

Rentry is hard. But lately, it has bordered on the ridiculous.
Sickness-Lilli with a kidney infection;
Vehicle Trouble-In Kampala, our car would not start when we were trying to get her to the hospital;
Critter infestation-one rat was so bold as to stand on my foot- Eeeeek!
Overwhelmment-First ones back to Bundi meant that Travis and I handled all of the water questions, CSB finances, USS needs, and numerous community concerns on top of our own unpacking and house maintenance.
Even our teammates were delayed reentry by canceled flights, dislocated elbows, and vehicle paperwork drama.

But we are all here. 
And that in itself proves that God is working and does have good things for the advancement of His Hope. Not that we are the saviors; we all fully realize that we are cracked pots, weak with flaws and neediness, and can only hope to have the Light of Jesus flow through those weaknesses.
However, the more I am here, the more I see that when God moves his children into places of darkness and desperation, then He does have a plan for the good of His people and His glory.

So, as we are now back, what has been filling the days here?
Overflowing pediatric ward (daily in the 50s for a ward that holds 27)
Nutrition program continuing to meet real needs
Daily rains; some of our neighbors are having parts of their mud houses wash away
Baby Cow mooing in the cow pasture (and sometimes under my clothesline!)
Hunger and beginning of school term 3 means that many people request money at our doors
The Waragi Gin trucks in Nyahuka Town with loudspeakers blasting music and encouragement all night for men to buy more gin to forget their problems
Haircuts for all, including 7 inches off Ann's hair
Great conversations with local healthcare workers over dinner at our house
Email conversations with many who are interested in joining us in Bundi
For me- laundry, laundry, and more laundry
Beginning of new school year for RMS
Discussion about new sickle cell prevalence study at NHC
Praying for one another
Collecting eggs from newly-laying hens on WHM property
Meeting with the Local Councilmen who are in charge of scholarships that are to come to qualified students of this district (and to ask where are those scholarships?)
Fixing broken doors and installing a fan (hooray!) at our house
Worshipping with neighbors at church
Burning brush piles (between rain storms) that are housing unwanted snakes
Birthday celebration for Lilli and Pamela (doggie and diva/movie star themes)
Planning, discussing, and guiding ministries with teammates
Beginning Kids Club on Thursday afternoons for Bible story, craft, and singing
Finding balance, rest, and time with kids in the midst of it all

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