Saturday, August 11, 2012

sickness and injury...two bundi gals

Last week's family vacation provided the much needed uninterrupted time with the kids and the opportunity to be unplugged.

We are now on our way back into Bundibugyo.

However, Lilli is very ill.

After two days of not being able to keep any fluids (or food) in her, alongside other serious symptoms, she is now on iv antibiotics and fluids. We are grateful for the nearby local clinic/lab, the American doctor at the guesthouse who gave Travis a second opinion, and easy access to medicines. We are staying in Kampala two more days to allow her to gain strength to make the journey home.

Meanwhile today, one of our teammates had a serious fall and is now in the Kampala hospital having work done to repair the injury.

Would you join us in praying for these two Bundi gals?

It seems that it is always so difficult to reenter into service in Bundibugyo. We need your support through prayer. As always...desperately and fervently.


  1. Praying for Lilli and for your other teammate!

  2. Hi Travis and Amy. I am SO incredibly sorry to read that Lilli has been so ill and am praying that she would be restored very quickly to full health. I'm sure it has made for a very stressful end to your vacation and hope you guys can head home soon with Lilli feeling strong and rested. I will surely be praying for whichever Bundi teammate has been injured as well.

    It does seem like the enemy works hard to hurl obstacles in your way so many times as you press on to serve in Bundi. Praying that God's powerful hands and His faithful angels will surround you with peace and protection. Your perseverance and faith continue to amaze and encourage me and countless others in more ways than I can even describe. How proud our Heavenly Father surely must be as He watches over you from above and witnesses such faithful and true servants.

    Much love always-
    Cindy Nore