Friday, August 24, 2012

lilli is eight!

Today, our Lilli turned eight years old! To celebrate her love of dogs, we had a Doggie Birthday Party. We are thankful for the kind-hearted, compassionate, truth-seeking, creative, courageous, and sweet girl that Lilli has become. She is truly a treasure that we celebrate!
Lilli makes doggie ears for Ann's doggie costume (as Ann has only one usable arm presently)
Doggie Costume Contest Contestants
Pamela comes as her pet dog and Chrissy as Clifford the Big Red Dog

Such a cute little dalmation
Pretty Puppies

Lilli won Best of Show

Our family as Lilli turns eight years old
Party Game of Hot Dog (think: hot potato)
And Pin the Bone on the Dog (think:pin the tail on the donkey)
The musical-firework-multi-lighted-flowers- candle did not quite function properly as Patton is pointing out!
Lilli still got to make her birthday wish!
Our Princess wears gum boots!
Dog Tired from the Party!

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  1. happy birthday 8 year old Lilli dog we hope you had a good birthday.
    your best friend, ADDY