Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeling at home

The last couple of weeks, with Amy's help with admin at home and loving the children, and Jessica coming to partner with the medical work, I have been able to consistently be in the health center. Its amazing how this change has made me feel a bit more at home. I have made a few new friends that are daily struggling to treat patients at the local health center despite the chronic lack of resources. I have had fun, the kind of fun that comes when you feel you are doing what you are suppose to be doing.

Here are a few children we saw this week.

Please pray for Jason who has Tropical Splenomegaly Syndrome. Jason is a child of a Christ School teacher who has developed a complicated array of symptoms. Miraculously he is still alive today. He is still not walking, his spleen still fills his abdominal cavity and his blood count remains bafflingly low.

Pray for Rose, who weighs less than 65% of the normal weight for her height. She is one and only weighs 11 pounds. Her mother is from a village near the Congo border and was just recently diagnosed with HIV. She has been faithfully breastfeeding her child, yet the child is failing to thrive. The child probably has HIV as well.

Pray for the three 2 year olds that we admitted this week who all weighed around 14lbs.

Pray for Charles, Betty and the many other nurses struggling to provide good care.

Pray for medicines. This week the health center ran out of malaria medicines and several antibiotics while we are struggling to treat over a dozen kids with severe malaria and severe pneumonia.

Pray for wisdom as we try to treat each of these children and determine a workable plan to support the medical and lab supplies of the health center without replacing the current system.

Thanks for helping us be here in so many different ways. It is hard to be here, but it is good to be here too.


  1. I am so glad you have been able to be at the medical center. I will lift these sweet kids up in prayer. Praying for medicine and wisdom for you guys and their parents.

  2. YAY! So glad you are feeling at home! I will pray that you learn how to get what is needed for the treatment of these little ones! Praise God for your being in NHC! I know this will bring much encouragement to the staff! Yippppeee way to go GOD!

  3. Yeah, Dr. TJ! Glad to hear you are at the health center more! Wish I could be there with you! I think of you, Amy, and the Bundi team often and am so very thankful for all of you!