Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An update on the local Bible translation project

This project was started as a joint WHM and Wycliffe venture over 20 years ago. At that time, the local language was not written down. The first 10+ years was filled with combing through the villages asking people to spell words based on the Bugandan language and alphabet. They used their findings to come up with an alphabet that fit the Lubwisi Language. They found that there are no Z's!

They then spent years learning local stories and proverbs to gain a grasp of how words and phrases are used. In the process, they have helped preserve the culture and language from being overran by larger and more economically advanced cultures! They have also made literacy more reachable for the thousands women here who do not speak English, the official language of Uganda. Most importantly, they are now beginning to teach the hope of Love, Grace and Forgiveness of Jesus in their own language!

The project continues under the guidance of SIL and through the hard work of several local pastors and community elders. They are among our closest friends here.

Click here for the latest update from our SIL friends.

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