Tuesday, October 16, 2012

csb: water harvesting tanks and candidates

Monday marked the beginning of the Uganda National Examinations Board exams for the S4 and S6 students. While the rest of the CSB students continue in their schoolwork for the next 6 weeks, these two classes will take the exams that will determine whether or not they continue in their studies.

Recently, we were guiding a CSB graduate who was applying to university. The application consisted of three questions: Name, UNEB score, and who would pay the tuition. The UNEB score is the whole basis for qualification for studies.

On Sunday, the CSB students gathered for singing, prayer, and Bible teaching. It was a privilege to pray for these students as they begin their exams.

S4 and S6 students sing for the rest of CSB
Head Teacher Edward leads prayer for the students.

What a great shirt!
 Thanks to many generous donors who responded to the need for rainwater harvesting tanks, CSB students and staff will now have a water supply when the incoming road construction disrupts the water lines. Josh and his assistants have been tirelessly installing the gutter system and the tanks.

Water engineer Dr Josh is pretty pumped about the near completion of this job!

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