Tuesday, October 16, 2012

our first flight into bundibugyo

As my dad was only in Uganda for a few days, we decided to fly into Bundibugyo. Though we have greeted and said farewell to countless numbers of people flying with MAF, this was our first flight into Bundibugyo...and it was AMAZING!

Crater lakes of Fort Portal

A sighting of the glacier peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains; a truly spectacular sight on the equator!

Aerial view of WHM: The building that has two wings on it (above the road) is the community centre. Across the street from that is the Steven's house. The furthest building (upwards on the photo) is RMS. Our house is the furthest up but on the right, just before a huge dip for the river and then forest. We could even see our cows from our aerial viewpoint!
Christ School Bundibugyo
What was once a quiet village has now become a crowded and busy market trading center: Nyahuka Town
As we descended, the plane got stuck in the mud and tall grass that had been slashed.
Pilot Simon attached the MAF plane to the back of the vehicle that Chrissy drove to pick us up.

After several hours of work, the plane was freed and returned to MAF airport to continue its work of transporting missionaries to remote and distant places. We are so grateful for our partners in service, Mission Aviation Fellowship.

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  1. I can't believe this was your first time to fly in. Glad it was a nice day for a view. Bummer about the plane, that's only happened a couple of times. Have a great visit with your Dad!!