Tuesday, October 16, 2012

papa's visit, part 2

Papa teaches students and local pastors for 2 days at Grace International Institute of Theology. GIIT was begun by several local pastors who desire to give other local pastors the opportunity for theological training without having to leave the district which is a hardship on their families, especially in this extremely poor district. GIIT is in its first year and is meeting at the community center. They are truly laying down their lives to serve their fellow pastors. We are humbled and encouraged by their passion and work.

The completed treehouse!
Papa enjoys one on one time with Aidan. It is a joy to have family visit as the kids grow and develop so much while they are apart!

Papa is the Mystery Reader at RMS

Aidan and Moringa the goat play at RMS

Papa meets Oliver, the student that he and my mother sponsor through the OVC program.
The early morning view of the snowcaps on the mountains from our back porch always amazes me.
The sunsets are spectacular too.

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