Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The road

After a few weeks of extreme joys and extreme disappointments, our little family made a spontaneous and very fast trip out of Bundibugyo to Fort Portal. The road (the same one which left me stranded for 5 hours in B town last week...another story) is in the worst condition as it has not been graded for over a year. I can almost hear Pat cry "Corruption is under my tires" as we drove it.

However, there is progress on the part that CICO is constructing. A few shots to show such progress:

This was once a small road that cut around two very steep mountains. The mountains have been cut into and what was once a valley is almost ready to be driven over!

A clear day's view all the way to the mountains of the DRC
Any guess what this is in front of us on our drive? Read the sign attached to it.
It is a barge!
We were behind three HUGE ferries/barges on the very sharp corners of the road to Bundibugyo district. Not sure where they ended their journey..or if they made it off the mountains!

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