Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Aidan Birch Johnson turned 2 years old!
Named "Aidan" for the Saint Aidan who is credited for sharing Christ in Ireland; meaning "Light"
Named Birch for our friend Dr Birch Rambo, missionary to the DRC for over three decades, a modern-day saint.

Man, we are thankful for this little dude and we sure do love him!

Aidan shows that he is two!
He is quite the artist.
While waiting on me to come outside, Aidan closed the front door and pulled the bolt closed, thus, locking me and friend Gladys inside! When we told him to unbolt the door, he just laughed and laughed. It took a while to find an extra set of keys to let us out of our side gate. This photo is from our front window as I looked out and he looked in! What a trickster!
Aidan appreciates the chocolate pudding mixes that are sent in care packages.
We spend much time doing housework.
He especially likes to help Gladys.
And more cleaning!
The team enjoys the sunset view from atop the community water tanks.
Aidan is ready to roll the dough for pizza.
Pizza making time!
So proud of himself for blowing out the candles!
Aidan opens a special gift from Patton.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Aidan!


  1. I CANNOT believe it! what a cutie pie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Aiden!!! We sure do miss you guys!