Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcoming Josh and Pamela!

Today marks the One-Month-in-Bundibugyo anniversary of two new teammates, Josh Dickenson and Pamela Stephens.

As our flight from Chicago to London was cancelled (after 5, yes, 5 hours of sitting on the hot plane on the runway before a middle of the night cancellation!!!), we missed our connection with Pamela in London. The brave soul who had never been to London or Africa, happily took a tour around London and then trusted the driver whom we sent to pick her up in Uganda. A day later, we met her. Aidan must have imprinted on her as she held him during his jet lagged nap as he LOVES her and goes running to see her! Pamela comes from Virginia and was a dolphin trainer before she became a teacher. Her enthusiasm and love for teaching is evident and the kids adore her. She is diligently learning Lebwisi (not an easy task) and taking all of the nuances of life in Bundibugyo in stride. We are grateful she is here!

Josh joined us in Kampala just a day later. He was a champ as we did a sprint through the grocery store, stocking up on things he would need for his new life here. Having just completed his PhD in water engineering, Josh is the go-to guy for all things technical. After only one day here, there was a water crisis. Bundibugyo does not allow one to have time to acclimate slowly! Each morning, he can be seen working diligently learning Lebwisi and then working on a project in the afternoon. Today, I asked Aidan, "who do you love?" He replied: "Josh!" Though Josh has many skills and talents, our kids think that his best quality is that he can give a great puppet show!

If Pamela and Josh have made it here one month, they will do just fine!

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