Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Shirts I Wear

Last Wednesday I wore 4 different shirts. Sometimes I wear three shirts because I have sweated through each of them by the end of the day, but the changing of shirts last Wednesday was for different purposes.

I woke up in the morning and put on a nice golf shirt that would look sharp, but not be too hot, for my meeting with the Christ School Head Master. I am so grateful for the great job and much needed friendship that Edward has provided. We met for 3 hours discussing the past year, the re-hiring of personnel and strateged different plans about how to meet the financial needs of the school based on the amount of support and school fees that we might receive. After praying together, I left very encouraged and hopeful that the school might make it to the end of the year!

When I returned home to have lunch with Amy and the kids, Jessica came by to say that Dr. Sam, our new Ugandan physician at the Nyahuka Health Center needed help to surgically repair an obstetric tear. I am very grateful that Dr. Sam is here and that our health center has a constant presence of an Ugandan physician. He is hard working and eager to do what is best for the patients. He is also incredibly overwhelmed with all the demands, especially since he is just 24 and fresh out of his internship. So, to show some moral support, I pulled out my surgical scrubs from the bottom of my drawer and ran down to the Health Center. I found Dr. Sam and we discussed how we would repair the deep 4th degree wound. I then followed him to the theatre and was shocked to discover that the “woman” was a 10 year old girl who had been raped. I pulled Sam back out and we talked through the more important issue of caring for her as a person and not just her physical wounds. We then prayed for her and called together the surgical theatre team to set up for surgery.

While they were setting up, I ran home to put on a button down collared shirt with nice trousers to go to the Christ School Chapel. This was the last chapel of the year for many of our graduates who were finishing their national exams. I had the privilege to give them a going away message. I challenged them to take what they had learned here at Christ School and bring it to their family and friends at home. They have seen that God does love them. Because of this love, they have learned to love each other, despite their different backgrounds, families and tribes. When they go back to their villages, they will face many struggles, but they do not need to struggle alone. They need to run to Jesus and run to each other.

After the chapel, I put my surgical scrubs back on and returned to the Health Center. There, Sam and I repaired the wounds of the girl and discussed with the family how to care for the child. The horrible wounds and sparse equipment to fix them led to many nightmares that night. Please pray for complete healing of “Sara’s” heart and body.

Finally, I came back home and put on my favorite Navy Seal t-shirt and jeans with holes to romp around the back yard with my 3 favorite little people. There is nothing better than kid therapy!

We have been studying Colossians as a team this past month. In it, we are challenged to put on the clothes of mercy, tenderness, compassion and love. These are not something we wear naturally. We have to put them on. They are not something we own. They are given to us from Christ. On days like last Wednesday, I feel like I sweat through these shirts just as fast as I do my real ones. I am plum out of mercy by 9 am and I have to ask Jesus for another shirt of his to don before I can meet the next challenge. Thankfully, He is faithful and we toil daily with His strength! (Colossians ch2-3.)


  1. This reminds me of the hats game Amy led for Scott. You both have too many roles!! But you're gifted at them all.

  2. great blog post, travis. my heart is breaking for that poor 10 year-old girl. it is unimaginable :(. praying for her and for you guys as you minister to her.

  3. Thanks for wearing all those shirts, Travis. I can't imagine how tough it is. I miss you all!

  4. We've been talking with A & C lots about the Col. verses and what "clothes" we need to put on (and take off) since reading this post. And we think of you each time we do! Love you!