Wednesday, March 13, 2013

back in charleston

Lilli bargains in a simulation at Charlestowne Landing which was to recreate the trade between the colonialists, the Native Americans, and the Barbadians. Though the experience was to teach the children how commodities were traded and attained in the past, I was amazed by how many of the principles still hold true where we live in Eastern Africa.  As the East African Highway is being built right in front of our WHM houses, we will see an increase of valuable resources being taken out of the DRC to be sold to countries, such as China (who is assisting in making the road). Unfortunately, the average Ugandan and Congolese will not see much profit from this export and their life in poverty will remain the same. I wish that we would learn from history. It seems that the old proverb that "History only repeats itself" still holds true.

Lilli and fellow third grader Sully were chosen to go into the stocks!

Miss Molly, future RMS teacher, visited us for the weekend. The kids already love her!

A sweet visit from Aunt KarKar and her kids.
Serious skateboarders.

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