Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ecbc charleston weekend

We began the ECBC Global Impact Conference by teaching Mrs Z's class of kindergarteners about missionary life in Uganda and how to make an Ugandan football.
African ingenuity means that paper and plastic bags and twine can make a ball to play the national sport.

This class was so inquisitive! One of my favorite questions was, "Do you like carrots?"
Standing in front of our "table" as we greeted friends between teaching sessions.

Travis and I were so grateful for the opportunity to publicly thank ECBC for their love, support, and prayers for our family and brothers and sisters in Uganda.
These three beautiful women are my new heroes! Sarah, Sharon, and Emily are the Stateside Coordinators for Books for Bundi. They will take all questions about sending books at and are coordinating an effort to stock the shelves in the children's library! They are the answer to my many prayers for someone to support Books for Bundi from the States. Amen and Amen!

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