Wednesday, March 13, 2013

nc friends and gcc good times

When we were in the States in August of 2011, as we crossed the NC state line, Patton burst into tears. When we asked him why he was crying, between sobs, he said, "where is the snow?!" As the last thing he remembered of life in NC was the Christmas snow of 2010, in his mind North Carolina was a magical snowglobe. Knowing that this would likely be the only opportunity for our kids to see snow, we prayed that it would snow the one weekend we were in NC. We arrived late Friday night. We woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning snow! A sweet gift from a Father who delights to see children smile!
A cookout at our dear friends, the Morrises.

Sharing about life in Uganda

Reuniting with girlfriends whom were toddlers together

Sally Berg Ward (first RMS teacher in Bundi) and two of her beautiful girls
What joy and surprise to see Travis's residency colleague Frank and his family who drove from Bryson City to see us!

It was a delight to teach the 3rd/4th grade classes who have "adopted us" and send us cards and pray for us. They even brought in a breakfast and made a welcome banner!
Our longtime friends, the Pearces, hosted a gathering at their beautiful home. The folks who came were friends we have know from various times and types of ministry at Grace Community Church. It was so fun to reconnect and to pray together.

After church at GCC, we were hosted by the Allisons and the Fullers to talk more about missions. As these women both lead the GCC Missions committee, we joked that they are successful in their jobs to increase committee members as both of them are currently pregnant!
Having fun with these dear women!

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