Wednesday, March 13, 2013

mitchell road pres weekend

Meeting up with the Temples who hosted and loved on Travis during college days

The many meals with members and visitors marked the weekend.

Meeting other WHMers, such as the RJ and Carolyn March, was a highlight!

A pizza dinner for our Greenville friends was such an important time for us as we love and miss these friends greatly.

Showing "the video" to our friends

College buddies

And friends who have visited us in Bundi

The Forrests, fun friends from Furman

And Howells, dear friends from NC days

We joined in the children's program for the evening.

Amy taught the evening children's program. You can tell who liked to answer the questions!
And after the Sunday morning service, we were greeted by teammate Ann Kieser's parents who had driven a long way to hear us speak!

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