Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Battling for Bundibugyo

As I hear the evening call to prayer that is broadcast from the town mosque over loudspeakers throughout Nyahuka, I am reminded that there is much more to this place than what we see. I am reminded of when Paul speaks to the Ephesians as he says "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." Indeed, it seems that there has been much wrestling in the heavenly realms lately. The last few days have been difficult for alternating members of our team, either from sickness or sadness or a combination of the two. It seems that, at times, we are just spinning our wheels, putting band-aids on gaping wounds, or as our WHM Director told us today, "keeping our finger in the dike so the dam does not break." Even though we were not at our house from 9:30am to 3:30pm, in the other hours there were no less than 14 people waiting in the katubi to ask for monetary assistance. At times, we start to wonder what the function is that we serve here.

After we settled our three little ones into bed and Aunt Pat was reading a Bible story to them, we quickly jumped in the car to lead the first of this term’s Bible Study at Christ School Bundibugyo. With bad attitudes, marital discord, and minimal preparation, we hastily but sincerely asked God to intervene and show up among the staff as we started the 9 week course of “The Gospel Centered Life” with them.

And He did. In a big way.

Starting with only 3 staff at first, the room filled to 17 (of the 25 staff) who were engaged, thinking, challenging, reflecting, and really seemed to struggle as we talked about Week One’s lesson. The question was proposed about how do we minimize sin in our life so that we appear better to others and in an effort to hide from God? As Travis read the list of suggested ways, he stated that this list was created by Americans and asked if they are also culturally true in Uganda. One of our favorite teachers laughed out loud and said “Oh yes! These describe us very well!” We all agreed that these ways that we try to hide our sins are no different than they were in the garden. Irregardless of if we are American or Ugandan, we are all in pursuit of being independent and trying to appear better than we are. The conversation continued and finally closed with an encouragement to feast on these truths throughout the week now that we have had a taste of such riches.

Usually when we end with a time of prayer, there is silence and then someone says “pray for peace and against sickness.” But last night, these are the requests for prayer:

“That we would be willing to face these truths.”

“For a deeper understanding of the gospel.”

“For opportunities to share the Word.”

“For Chris who had surgery on his hand and is recovering at home.”

“That our faith would grow higher and higher daily.”

“For the students and their exams.”

“For the gospel to build community, to enable us to love each other.”

Please join us as we pray in these ways, that the gospel would truly change lives here, starting with us, the staff of Christ School Bundibugyo, “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood...”

So, as you are munching on your Cheerios on Tuesday mornings, please remember to pray for us as we are at that time meeting to share, learn, and grow together at the CSB Staff Bible Study.


  1. We are doing the same study with our fellowship group. (We are up to lesson 4.) I'll ask our group to pray for the staff at Christ School when we meet to do our lessons.

  2. We will pray. Thanks for taking the time to post! I'm so grateful that prayer unites us to the battle being fought in Bundi, even though we cannot physically be with you. Hugs & prayers.