Monday, August 9, 2010

On Being a Man

Often during the day I will look around at our surroundings and wonder why are we here. Sometimes this is with a little smile and a feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity to be somewhere and do something few in America will ever get to do. Sometimes it is with a furrowed brow and a quiver in the stomach thinking we need to pack the car and leave tonight. Who in their right mind would move their family to the center of Africa? What would compel someone to do such a thing? These are questions of mine and questions posed to me by many friends and family. These questions often get stronger the longer we are in Bundibugyo district. We “emerged” into Kampala Saturday night to stock up on supplies and have some uninterrupted family time. It also allows me to actually think and ask God some questions. Most of this happens on the 8 hour bumpy/off road trip.

We have been attending a Calvary Chapel church while in Kampala and loving the worship and teaching. We entered yesterday and the opening song was Blessed be the Name. The song states, “the Lord gives and takes away.” With each situation we are to bless His name. I can’t always do this. Especially as I think about everyone we left behind and opportunities we said good by to. I love what we have been given in Bundibugyo, but not all of it.

The speaker then spoke on being a man. He works with orphans, widows and soldiers in Sudan. Most of the time it is easy to dismiss these “man challenges” as false bravado. This man is living it. His challenge was from Daniel- that we would fear not our life but God. We should do what is right by defending the poor, fatherless and widow. As men, we should always stand for those who are to weak to stand for themselves. The sermon can be listened to at Calvary Chapel Kampala. I do not recommend the sermon for the faint hearted. This man is dealing with soldiers and his examples are hard. I do not usually agree with war, yet I have never before lived in a place where children are stolen and women violated on a regular basis.

I have been hoping to blog for sometime now on what we are doing. Yet, I could not find the words for it. In the heat of the battle, sometimes you forget why you are doing what you are doing. I feel I have some words for it now. It is simple. God loves us and calls us to see Him and love Him by showing his love to those who are forgotten. We are seeking to do so through teaching, healing, mentoring and sitting. We seek to be advocates to those for those who have no advocate. We begin to understand his grace as we extend his grace. We are freely giving to those who could never repay and at points have no idea that they even need help. We are giving Hope in a place that has had none for a long, long time. So, to give some substance to this, I hope to post a blog on the health center and the school. It is hard being here, but it is fulfilling. We need people willing to come and live life to the fullest with us here. We need a few good men (and women). Stay tuned…


  1. Amen. We continue to pray for you guys. I'll write more later...

  2. I appreciate your post and look forward to spending some time with you and finding out what God is up to. We pray for you.

    Shawn Wallace

  3. I look forward to hearing more! Your updates and blog are so refreshing to us! I'm deeply encouraged by the grace you have been given in such a challenging job on top of the challenges of the every day life living in Africa. We are just so thankful for the work you are doing and the courage you have to continue it every day!

  4. So glad to hear you guys are in Uganda! Appreciated all of your encouragement at A&O last year. Please add me to your prayer updates (


  5. Nice and encouraging read. Thanks for sharing this experiences which is helping me focus on what He's called me to do.

  6. spurred on by you guys living out the gospel in a hard place! Praying for you to continually be strengthened and encouraged by His Spirit!