Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So many hats

Truly a Renaissance Man, Travis has been a Jack-of-all-trades.
Here are some of the many hats he has been wearing:
Creepy Creature Killer
Mentor and Friend to young men
Brick oven pizza guy
Tour guide and vision keeper for visitors who are considering service here

Truck Repairman
Friend to youth, trendsetter that men can also carry and care for babies
"The Man with the Key"

Veterinarian and carer of all things living
The Mazungu who rides bikes for both work and hobby

Daddy who tries to play soccer with kiddos between meetings

Chairman of CSB who discusses budget, staff problems, schedules, and students

Co-team leader who facilitates Gospel Centered Life study for team

Tour Guide to visitors who consider service here

Preacher to CSB chapel

Breakfast egg cooker and espresso coffee maker

Dog and kid washer in the river behind our house

Husband who partners in the trials of life here

Campfire tender so we can teach Ugandan friends about Smores and sing praises together

Lawnmower repairman

Katubi Confidant

Budget man in charge of personal, team, nutrition, school, and other accounts

Bible Study leader for staff

Water Tank Fixer

Electrician who fixes the voltage stabalizer again and again and again...

Doctor whose heart breaks for children in critical need, praying for the day when he can share some of these hats with others and he can be more present at the health center

But most importantly, Travis wears the hat that His Heavenly Father gives him: the hat of a Son of the King, who is loved, accepted, and for whom he serves.


  1. Barb Ryan will be smiling, she led a Bday team meeting game for Scott last year like this, where everyone had a hat and piled them all on his head. I think Travis now has the whole stack, PLUS "picking up the pieces of everything the Myhres left . . . and being their friends". We are so grateful for you. Jennifer

  2. Thankful that Travis is willing to "go for it" attempting that which he never dreamed he could do, and seeing the Father's faithfulness to equip

  3. We have enjoyed reading your posts for August, Travis and Amy. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and we are praying.