Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kampala, 5 days of restocking and refreshment

laughed and enjoyed a farewell dinner with interns

got our caffeine fix at Good African Coffee (love that we can get cappuccino that rivals Starbucks for less than $2!)

felt so good to be able to understand and worship in English at Calvary Chapel

kids were brave to go to children’s class and enjoyed reward of ice cream

Aidan refused nursery class

felt very western as we watched “Toy Story 3”, ate stale popcorn, and had dinner at “Pizza Hot” which was almost like Pizza Hut

providentially met Fort Portal couple at food court of mall

cooked dinner in, remembering how to use electric stove

not able to find needed medical supply at pharmacy

ventured into the electronic section of town in search of voltage stabalizer

kids enjoyed playing together on pavement, learning to skateboard

Travis contemplated where or how we can have our own patch of pavement

grocery shopped for the next 6 weeks

Lilli discovered she loves spring rolls at Thai restaurant

negotiated (again!) internet coverage in Bundibugyo

video skyped Travis’s family for the first time...first time for them to see Aidan since he was 3 months old!

stayed at peaceful and secure home of government friends

killed a rat in the bathroom

washed clothes in a washing machine!

watched Aidan crawl on a tile floor (ours is too rough of concrete for his knees)

negotiated price for a lawnmower at store called “game” (mini version of fusion of target and home depot)

so thankful to get new truck battery as ours had to be jumped more than it started

found needed wheel for teammate but “the man with the key” was not there

spent the day at immigration office only to be denied renewal of visa, for now

found nearby place for kids to swim in kiddie pool

started to think about november’s trip to USA for WHM team leader training, Aidan’s first bday, visit to churches, family, friends and support raising for medical ministry expenses

ordered meat so we can have something to eat besides goat at each meal

wished a happy 4th bday to neice Addy

skyped for some check-in encouragement from WHM pastoral care

negotiated and purchased 2 laptops to add to the ailing fleet of 9 computers (6 of which have viruses)which serve all staff and 350 students at CSB

organized 7 months of receipts (amazing what you can do without interruptions!)

packed late into the night to secure boxes on top of truck

said goodbye to the ethnic restaurants, variety of stores, maddening traffic, comfortable housing, and protected family time in Kampala as the sun was rising on the road to Bundibugyo

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  1. Sorry we missed you! Thanks for killing the rodent! Hope to see you before too long! Glad you had some nice R & R!