Sunday, August 15, 2010

What they learned- Memoirs of Summer Interns

(John, Phil, Anna, Jordan and some poor elephant)

What the African Interns learned this summer:

How to pasteurize milk.

How to ride a motorcycle.

How to teach someone how to drive manual 4wd.

How to make a pizza from scratch in a woodfire oven.

How to properly cut pineapple, avocado, and mango.

What a “chocolate tree” looks like.

How long a letter takes to get to Africa.

How to sleep in extremely tight quarters.

How to start an IV on a dehydrated two pound baby

How to speak Ugandan African English.

How to “kangaroo” a premature baby.

How to treat malaria.

How to teach a Ugandan how to roast a s’more.

How to say yes without saying a word.

First time to lead a Bible study

How to make a daisy chain with just grass.

How to make a rope from jungle vines.

How to swing on a vine like Tarzan.

How to boil an egg in a hot spring.

How to appreciate good fresh fish.

How to flush a toilet that does not have a handle.

How to eat beans and rice with my hands.

How to make candy bars when trying to make brownies.

How to preach.

How to weld (well, I watched!)

How to take a basin bath.

How to make a Jedi costume with limited resources.

How to speak Sudan African English.

How to say “thank you” in four languages.

How to eat with one hand.

How to use a cho, well, I tried.

How to correctly use a pickaxe.

How to attract bees while trying to kill bugs.

How to teach 70 students physics.

How to live in a tent with 3 guys.

How to do the handshake dance.

How to take off oil-based paint of skin.

Mostly, Anna (Uganda) and Jordan (Sudan), the summer interns, learned first hand how to desperately seek Jesus each day and see that He is alive and at work in Africa. We miss you guys already!

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