Monday, December 6, 2010

The Angel Candle

Though tonight was not the first Sunday of Advent, it was for our team here in Bundibugyo. As the CSB staff party overlapped with our planned advent celebration, we postponed it until tonight.

The event was hosted by Anna and Chrissy who procured a Charlie Brown acacia tree (not too many evergreens here) and decorated it with colorful lights. Their house was festive and we were all glad to be back together as a team after 4 weeks of separation. Led by Pat, we read about the prophesies of old that fortold of the birth of Jesus. After a discussion about fuzzy math, Pat explained that some of the prophesies were made 700 year before the birth of Jesus, 14 times the age of Aunt Pat. As the youngest (who can walk), Brian lit the Prophesy Candle.

The next youngest, Patton, lit the Angel Candle as Pat told about the announcements that were given to Zechariah and Elizabeth and then to Mary about miraculous births that would change the world. John read the scriptures and Pat quizzed us all. Even little Aidan was in the conversation as he said “Jesus” several times! John gathered the kiddos together and read a picture book about the birth of Jesus. After we sang all the carols that we could remember that centered around angelic proclamations, we enjoyed hot apple cider, molasses raisin cookies, and red popcorn (well, our fingers and lips were red at least as Pat experimented with red food dye melted into the butter!). It felt good to gather together, to hear the children’s understanding of Christ’s birth, and to remember why we are here.


  1. So good to see the pics of advent. I have a strikingly similiar picture of a team gathering where Caleb Myhre is sitting in Jennifer's lap at about the same age. Hard to believe that he's now looking at colleges. May the Lord bless your little ones abundantly as they grow up in Bundibugyo.