Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Carols in Bundi

Oh the weather outside is delightful… 80 degrees, slight breeze and sunny!
I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas… we are in the rainforest
I’ll be home for Christmas… thanks to the miraculous visa extension
All I want for Christmas is two front teeth…one for Lilli and one for Patton
Palm Nuts roasting on an open fire, Jack fruit growing on our trees… year round actually
Oh Christmas, Oh Christmas tree, oh where can we find a Christmas tree… NC Frasier Firs don’t quite make it here
Oh Little Town of Bundibugyo… I am sure, the first Christmas was something similar to this.
Here we go a waffling… still learning how to be missionaries
Away in the manger… we actually have one, or at least a feeding trough for our cows!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, WHM gave to us...
12 teachers teaching
11 elders praying
10 pieces of property
9 goats a bleating
8 translators translating
7 slashers slashing
6 chickens laying
5 key rings (hundreds of keys)
4 barking dogs
3 milking cows
2 night guards
1 team to share it all with

Joy to the World… we are learning how far this reaches

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  1. you know i always LOVE your lists! this one, as usual, brings a big smile to my face :)! love you guys!