Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam (what comes before Eve), we left very early in the morning to drive from Kampala to Bundibugyo. The road construction from Kampala to Fort Portal continues to be slow moving (aka stopped), but the road from Fort to Bundi seems to be moving along well.
We stopped in Bundibugyo Town for some market shopping, including a purchase of plastic flooring to cover the kids' concrete floor where too many stubbed toes have occurred.

As Christmas Eve is the day of slaughtering of cows for Christmas meal, we were delayed by at least five herds of cattle that had to be moved out of the way for us to pass. As Travis accidentally bumped one with the "cattle catcher" grill of our car, we remarked that this gives new meaning to the term "rump roast."
We were greeted by a beautiful tradition of a "Christmas White Dinner", a Norwegian meal of only white dishes that was always hosted by the Myhres. Talapia, mashed potatoes, hot artichoke dip, delicious white bread, beans, and sugar cookies were amazing.
The Johnsons in all white
Great to be with team after uncertainty if we would have to spend Christmas out of country!


  1. Amy, you look beautiful in the "white" photo!!!!

  2. i love that God made a way to bring you home to bundi!!! you all look BEAUTIFUL in your Christmas photo! and i love the white dinner (and the plumeria on the table with other flowers - so pretty!!!) we miss you and think of you DAILY!!!