Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“That is how God does miracles!”

This is what my Chris Rock look-a-like friend said as we walked out of the immigration lawyer’s office. Our friend is an Ugandan who works with MAF and helps dozens of NGOs process papers. Two days ago, he is the one who said the only thing we could do to stay legally in Uganda was to go to the Kenyan border and obtain a visitor’s visa. Crossing over the rough Ugandan landscape over Christmas with three small children shortly after our disastrous trip 3 weeks ago did not sound much like an option to us. He said any other “back ways” to get around leaving may keep us from ever getting a work permit. The bottom line, we were being kicked out of the country.

After praying, we decided to go to the Immigration Office just to see what doors God could open. The first door was slammed back in our face and they said we needed to leave right then. After begging and appealing, (I was not above showing photos of our little ones) she sent us to another office. As we left, she said with a half smirk, “He will just send you back to me.” So I called Amy and said to start packing. Amy emailed a SOS-prayer alert first. As we sat waiting at the next office, my friend looked at me and said, “I have an idea.”

So we went to another office, where an immigration lawyer sat down with us and reviewed our case. He amazingly said that this should not be a problem and to return tomorrow with a letter- which he pretty much told me how to write. So, today I showed up with my friend, the letter, lots of prayer and the biggest smile I could muster. The man reviewed the document and wrote a short appeal on the letter. He then went for “a minute” to speak with the one who could authorize the special pass for us to stay. Both men returned. The one sat, signed the authorization and gave it back to us with a “Merry Christmas.”

My friend and I walked out of the office not believing such a door opened. He turned to me and said, “That is how God does miracles.”

Thanks for praying. Thanks to a Christmas miracle, we are here...at least another day.


  1. Praise Jesus! He is so good to continue to increase our faith and see how MUCH He wants to do in His name! We love you and we LOVE partnering with you! Jen (for all the masseys!)

  2. wow! that was fast! i woke up and went straight to my computer (well, after snuggling with a few kids who had come to my room to snuggle :)), and the answer was already there! PRAISE GOD that He sees us and hears us! Rejoicing with you, friends!

  3. Hooray! Thank you God! He is so full of those 'ideas'. If only I would ask for them more often. :D Jill

  4. Thank you for this testimony of God's faithfulness. SO glad you didn't have to leave the country!!!!!

  5. Richard rocks! (and so does God!)

  6. Hi Travis, Amy, and sweet children- I am so happy to read about this true Christmas miracle and praise God the doors have opened for you guys to stay there. I hope your family has many moments of peace and joy in this Christmas season.

    With love- Cindy