Friday, December 31, 2010

From our thankful list

After an afternoon spent walking around CSB, dreaming about improvements to make on the school and watching the kids ride bikes (Hooray for Lilli with no training wheels!), we headed home for a reheated pizza dinner. As we contemplated preparing a big meal in honor of New Year’s Eve, we decided to let this year go, much like eating leftovers, and start afresh with a grill-out on New Year’s Day. Honestly, this year has been the hardest year of my life. Hard is not always bad, but hard is always hard.

So, in an effort to remember the blessings of 2010, we each wrote down our “thankfuls” from the year 2010.

Lilli: Our house, because most people don’t even have a house. Our Christmas tree, that we got one. Bhootu and Ngite waterfall

Patton: Christmas, because of gifts and Baby Jesus. Aidani. Afternoons snuggling up to mom (we read books this afternoon...their memory span is a bit short).

Amy: That we survived and that a new year is beginning. For grace and forgiveness as we partnered through a move, a baby, goodbyes, chaotic start to African life, too many responsibilities too fast, for the trampoline (a gift to me as much as to the kids!), for a few funny books, for smiles from old ladies, for a few times of video skype, for emails from friends in the US, for restaurants in Kampala (especially ice cream at LeChateau, pasta at Cafe Roma), for Wednesday morning prayer, for Anna’s cheerful teaching of L and P, that Lilli is reading, for African fabrics, for fresh pineapple, mangoes, avocados, and bananas, that the lawsuit against dad was rightfully dropped and justice was evidented, that I have learned to really cook and be resourceful, for Patton’s deep love for his mama, for Lilli’s desire to be with me, for health of Aidan (and that we made it a year breastfeeding!), that our part of Uganda has been peaceful, that the team from Grace wants to visit here, that this is starting to become home.

Travis: Candlelight dinners. Bright African stars, Sunset view of mountains from back porch, Amy’s uncanny ability to make a home anywhere, chance to learn many new things, getting to know my wife in different and deeper ways, extra time around family, walking the kids to school, new friends, Tuesday night with teachers at CSB, teammates (both those that have left, those here, and those coming), for international trips, especially to the US for Thanksgiving, for TLC (The Land Cruiser), mountain bike rides, friends who support, pray and email us.

Webele 2010. Wesalo. Oliyo 2011!

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  1. This brings tears to my eyes, and as always, I love your lists!!! Still the FUNNIEST one so far was Top Ten from Isla Margarita :). Miss you guys!