Monday, December 6, 2010

New Students at RMS

Today, Lilli and Patton started back to Rwenzori Mission School. As we neared the gate to the school, a chorus of loud moos greeted us. While we were in America, some repairs to the cow pasture were done, so the three chocolate-themed-named cows DMC (for dairy milk chocolate), Truffle. and Oreo were moved to the beautiful gated yard of what is now housing RMS. A neighbor named Belige milks DMC every morning and evening to supply milk for the team. But as he is a lay pastor who preaches, Travis takes over the milking each Sunday evening. In the legacy of Scott and Julia, Lilli sits right next to Travis and helps with the milking. That is why this morning, when we were opening the gate and two very large cows and one calf were blocking our entrance, I was surprised that Lilli would not move. At her request, I quickly closed the gate. We talked it through and decided that we had to get to school. Lilli mandated that we must pray and led us in the sweetest, most sincere prayer to be brave to walk past the cows so she could go to school. I admit that I was nervous too, though I never would let on it to the kids. With Aidan in the sling on my shoulder and each kid holding onto my skirt, we opened the gate and proceeded. About 1/5 of the way in, the 2 year old cow Truffle (who has horns) started running towards us. But I let her know she was misbehaving and we were fine.

Once in school, Miss Anna was looking for something in the Craft Closet and a large rat jumped out at her. She yelled to Lilli who was writing on the chalkboard. Just as Lilli looked up, the rat ran across her foot. She just looked at Miss Anna and shrugged her shoulders. From a young age, girls here are made of strong stuff!

Three cows and a rat...not your usual roster of new students. But, then again, this is not a usual place. This is Bundibugyo!

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  1. I LOVE that y'all have cows. It has always been my dream to have a pet cow :) I think they are so cute. I can't say that I am as excited about the rats, but hopefully Lilli's bravery will rub off on me :)