Saturday, June 11, 2011

birth announcement

We are happy to announce the birth of a baby girl to our neighbors, Majerie and Salo! She is a healthy, pinkish, much loved, little bundle with a head full of hair!

I am also grateful for the ongoing health of Baby Jotham, son of my dear friend Loy, bursur at CSB. Last December, Loy had an emergency C section in Kampala and we are grateful for the saved lives of both mother and baby. She is doing a good job feeding him as this chunk is less than 6 months old!
Praise God for healthy babies in Bundibugyo!


  1. Yeah!!!!! So happy for Majili and Saulo!!! Webale Kwejuna! Thanks for the picture! Give them our love.

  2. We celebrate this new little one along with the family. Please give them our greetings and congratulations! Webale Kwejuna.