Monday, June 6, 2011

R and R in FP

As we currently are running five budgets (and happy to hand some of those over to incoming teammates!), during the RMS break, we headed to peaceful Fort Portal for some R and R. No, not rest and relaxation, but RECEIPTS and RESTAURANTS!

The kids were entertained by the wonderful gifts send from the community group of the Sun Family and from our dear cousins, the Caldwells. We also enjoyed dinner with FP long time missionary family, the Cashes, who have four wonderful and creative children. They graciously added us to the dinner table alongside their interns and kiddos. We laughed as we tried to have conversation amidst no electricity (corruption by local electric company there), an incoming propane freezer, and other guests popping in and out.

I especially enjoyed eating at the three local restaurants who serve western food as it gave me a break from cooking. What a joy to find a new friend who makes cheese and can order mozzarella cheese for us to bring back to Bundi! My exuberance in regards to cheese may have been a bit much as I purchased 10 kilos (22 pounds!) for pizza and dinners here, especially as we came back to Bundi which had no electricity.

The time in FP also allowed me to write over 100 postcards and mail them from Uganda. We shall see if any make it to America...

As we prepared to leave our "working holiday", Lilli cried "This was NOT what FP is supposed to be like. You worked the whole time! We need a family day!" So, heeding the well-spoken and wise words of our eldest, we postponed our trip by one day and had some fun swimming and being together as a family. And we needed just that, a family day, without the interruptions of demands at the door or receipts being calculated!

"Now, which budget does this receipt go to?"

The tea fields of Fort Portal
Captain Awesome Aidan

Patton loves Bella

Lilli blows colored bubbles to Bella
The kiddos loved their Fort Portal Clubhouse

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