Sunday, June 19, 2011

Interns, eye exams, flat tires and pizzas!

JD and Loyd arrived to visit their friend Basime Godfrey and to bless us with friendship.

Summer Interns Sarah and Olvie arrived giggling and with big grins!
JD examines Lilli's eyes as she has been having eye pain lately. He also examined Travis's eye and made recommendations for correction. He also examined Aidan and affirmed us in the upcoming surgery for Aidan's eyelid. We are so grateful for his expertise!
Sarah and Olvie getting a taste of life here by washing dishes...with very little water as the water line to Nyahuka is still broken.
As always, a bit of our heart ached as we said goodbye to our visitors as they flew out on MAF. We are grateful for their kindness and encouragement towards us.
On the drive back, we met up with the Nyahuka water technicians who had been working to repair the leaks. Unfortunately, the line has been cut in so many places that it may be quite a while before the local government will secure the funding and repair the line.
As we continued on our drive, we passed a man who was dragging a woman by her shirt down the road. A crowd of children were following. Knowing something was not right, but not knowing what to do, we turned around and pulled over to inquire what was happening. At that point, attention had been drawn and the "mothers" of the community surrounded him and took action. However, that turn popped our front tire. No good deed goes unpunished. In the last week, the road has claimed both of our spare tires. Oh, well.

As we pulled back into our drive, we heard the cheers of the conclusion of the match of the CSB boys playing the CSB OBs (old boys...alums). We were bummed to have missed it. It seems that the students won the game, so I am sure there will be a rematch! The game was sponsored by the newly formed "Bundibugyo Hand of Hope" as a fundraiser for their charity work in the community. We welcomed the interns to their new home by hosting "pizza night" and enjoyed a yummy jackfruit brought by Anna. Even little Aidan made a pizza!

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  1. It does my heart good to see that the interns made it safely and are enjoying pizza and the endless dishes of Bundibugyo! Wish I was there welcoming them too but it was an honor to send them off! Love you all!