Monday, June 6, 2011

Just another Saturday in Bundi

Banana waffles
Met with two different fathers to provide transport money for them to receive services for their children at OURS (Organized and Useful Rehabilitation Services)
Approved and paid for shutter for mission house made by local woodworker (15 year old shutters have rotted)
Pasteurized milk
Gave tour and history of WHM to interested RMS teacher Molly; sent Molly with Anna for market in Nyahuka
Greeted along the way
Gathered ironing for Alikonjera, muzei who uses a charcoal iron for community ironing
Searched for a musei to translate to our neighbor of the urgency for her to get to the health center to have her baby as her water had broken 4 days earlier and the ultrasound Travis did on her the night before showed no amniotic fluid left
God brought Gideon to translate and we went to neighbor's house for meeting
Travis and Jess found necessary equipment and did surgery in katubi on very infected finger of Gideon, with Lilli observing until it got "too bloody" for her
Had quesadilla lunch with Molly
Tried to gather things for drive to hike Nyahuka Falls, realized kids were too tired for 3 hour hike, day getting too late, etc, so rethought plan and opted for drive to see area with Molly
Anna and Jess stayed with sleeping kids and did internet
Had great conversation with Molly about her interests and service here in the future
Saw a small truck slowing in front of us, asking for directions
Realized it was the Civil Aviation Authority, looking for us!
Travis stayed with the CAA on the airstrip while I drove back home
Served warm chocolate chip cookies and talked with CAA about airstrip issues in katubi
Served same to 6 men who are relocating goat pens from our backyard to the CSB Farm
Greeted and sat with Asita and Beligi
Travis finally took long-promised trip to the river with all 3 kids and Bhootu
Barking Bhootu sent group of very naked and very scared young bathers up trees until Travis called him
Upon return, Travis received urgent call from CSB teacher whose son is very sick, so he rushed there, returning late in the night.
I managed baths, PBJ, and bed for kids
At 11pm, fell into bed exhausted, looking forward to a Sabbath.
Awoke at 3:30 am to non-stop honking of super-bus Kalita which was waking up riders to get on for trip to Kampala
Realizing that our guest Molly was one of those early morning riders, ran to get her and take her to Nyahuka for Kalita for her journey back.
Fell back to sleep, realizing that "Sabbath" had already begun.

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