Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Thanks

Not wanting the celebration of Father's Day to be lost in the excitement and busyness of welcoming visitors and our interns, we celebrated Father's Day last Sunday with gifts, cards, prayer, time for a bike ride, grilling "in" and even ice cream. Together with Lilli, Patton, and Aidan, I am grateful for our "SuperDad" more now than ever. WE LOVE YOU, TRAVIS!

We are also blessed by the life of Travis's father, "Poppy" Terry. He is a man of strong conviction, unshakable character, great hugs, funny jokes, a great golf swing, tenderness for his wife, a healthy lifestyle, a patient doctor, and has a deep love for those that are his legacy.

Today, we also give thanks for my dad, "Papa" Gary. He is a man after God's own heart, one who can fix/build anything, has a special connection with animals, a prayer warrior, a sailor at heart (though always living land-locked), cherishes his wife, and considers no greater priviledge than to know "his children are walking in the truth."

Three cheers to these three dads!


  1. amy, you are so great about honoring people in special and specific ways. it is truly a gift, and i know that you do it because you see the people around you as gifts to you! i know this week has been a tough one! i'm thinking of you and praying for you, friend, all the time - for strength and peace and joy and hope in a week where those are not all easily found (outside of the love of Christ :)). i love you, dear friend! (would send that in an email but rushing to get off to church :)). so fun to see pics of sarah on here :) - she's a great dish washer :), and she LOVES to cook! hopefully you guys will have a lot of fun together! thank you for working so hard already to make things fun and special and meaningful for her and olvie! you are an amazing friend (and wife and mother and daughter and sister, etc.!) wish i could be there to hug you! i told sarah to "almost-tackle hug" you and travis when she got there :). love you!!!

  2. Hi Johnsons-- can't believe I am just now subscribing to your blog-- I'm already so encouraged and challenged by just reading the first few posts. Happy Father's Day to you all, and we'll be praying for surprisingly quick repair of the water line.
    :-) Melissa for the Hunts in Prague