Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost American Saturday

At our recent Rwenzori Mission School PTA meeting, as the head RMS Room Mother (ok, I am the only RMS mother), I decided that we needed a RMS Work Day. The Head Teacher (ok, the only teacher) agreed.

So, the WHM team gathered together with some neighbor boys to paint the gate, hoe the gardens, fix the screens, reinstall the slide (the cows had sat upon it), organized the "craft room" (room where we store old anythings, like tp rolls, that can be used for craft projects), and clean out a storage closet.

To celebrate a job well done, we treated the team along with Christine and Edward Isingoma with son Timothy and friend, to pork muchomo at Wilson's Restaurant in Nyahuka. It was fun to hear stories of the "old days in Bundi" such as when they delivered one of their children at the house that is now where Anna and Chrissy live. Lilli and I then braved the sweltering heat of the equatorial dry season sun to do some market shopping. I was delighted to find small bread loafs that looked like hot dog buns! With our peppers and gnuts in hand, we headed home to find that a crew of kids was hanging out at our katubi. So, I grabbed a baseball and a stick and taught our neighborhood kids to play baseball. While the rules were a bit muddled, we all had a good time!

A work day at our local elementary school, lunch out with friends, a pick up game of baseball, and then a dinner of hot dogs on real buns and homemade french fries...quite an All-American Saturday in the mountain jungle of Africa!


  1. yay, amy! what a fun, but i'm sure exhausting, day! you're a rock star! we love you!

  2. such fun-- we miss you and are praying for all of you!
    Liz and Ben and kids