Monday, March 21, 2011

Bundibugyo Gazette Headlines

Rainy season has begun: Clothes hung on line to dry will take days to dry now

Physician Assistant Alyson begins her internship at Nyahuka Health Center, cares for 12 very sick children on pediatric ward

Lack of medicines continue at Nyahuka Health Center

Lilli looses bottom tooth during parent-teacher conference

All night music blared through local loudspeakers try to keep spirits away after numerous deaths

CSB Parent Day held on Sunday was a success

Cows Truffle and Oreo bust through newly erected barbed wire fence in pursuit of corn planted by Miss Anna and her students in the new RMS garden

Largest package ever from incoming teacher Miss Pamela arrives

Cocoa investor reports desire to invest in CSB farm, student vocational classes, and cocoa farmers in Nyahuka and Bundibugyo


Wife of local councilman and CSB Board of Governors dies from hemorrhaging while she waits 12 hours for surgery to have baby. Baby also dies.

Elder Brother of Neighbor Salo dies.

Young Son of local councilman dies of Sickle Cell.

Love Column:

Night Guard gives advice to missionary wife for her busy husband: "You go comfort that one."

Sports Column:

BundiDoc leads ESPN March Madness Bracket Poll though he has not seen a single game this entire year

Next Issue: Restaurant Critique

Chef Scott Will opens local restaurant featuring afternoon smoothies, coffee and cookies for all in Bundimalinga village area. Will they be a success in an area that only will eat matoke and drink tea?


  1. Yay! So excited the package arrived :)

  2. This is a wonderful and sobering post/update. Praying for you guys. Every time I see your pics I want to squeeze you all! Hugs from Pittsburgh! (I hope Pitt wasn't too far into your bracket.....there are lots of disappointed people here.)