Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fort Photos

Monday morning, we prayed for Pat and Chrissy and then they headed down the road to Kampala. Chrissy will be in America for a short time for some medical evaluations. While we miss her, we are glad for the ability to fly to America for such needs. I once read that early missionaries would pack their belongings in a coffin to be shipped overseas as that was their expectation in which they would return to their home country. My, how things change!

Fort Portal is the home of the Toro people, a fertile land at an altitude of about 5,000 ft above sea level. It has about 3 western-style places to eat and a few stores in which to buy items like cheese, yogurt, brown sugar, ketchup and even a few frozen meats. To me, Fort is a place of peace. Not many bugs. Cool enough for long sleeves. Tea fields in which to run. While our car was in the shop, we anchored ourselves there for two days, welcoming our new medical intern Alyson, having RMS, and resting our hearts after the last goodbyes of a long year.

A tea break in the tea fields with Miss Anna
Planting a bottlebrush tree at Pat's new house
The Little Captain
David, our favorite driver and good friend, joins us for lunch.

Anna and Patton with a chameleon at Gardens Restaurant.

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