Friday, March 11, 2011

The Dance for Pat

Today, Pat Abbott, missionary for 17 years in Bundibugyo danced.

Western time and African time collided when our friend Tume said that the celebration would be at 4 o'clock. So, all of our team made plans to be there at 4 pm in the afternoon. However, Ugandans start the day at 6am, so 4 o'clock is four hours from 6 am. It is 10 am. So, the Ugandans showed up at 10 am and the Mzungu showed up at 4pm. Nonetheless, we all had a special time together, eating rice and sauce and sipping sodas in the grass outside the Bubandi Church. The fact that Ugandans gathered in celebration for 6 hours waiting on Pat shows that she is, indeed, loved dearly.

The ever-entertaining Mugisa Musa was the emcee for the event which consisted of 10 agenda items that included greetings from local leaders, a choir, words from Pat's best friend Joyce, a dance, sharing of scripture from Pastor Tume, words of encouragement from Travis, and Pat's thoughts on her life here, friendships, and how she desires all to glorify God.

While we all gathered to celebrate Pat's life in Uganda, I am sure that Lord was certainly smiling...and probably dancing too!


  1. Thank you Bubandi Church for recognizing a hero of faith, PAT! Wish we had been there. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful person and her friends.

  2. My heart dances in celebration of a truly amazing woman!

  3. :-) Pat is a gift. How sweet the fellowship of those that love the Lord!

  4. My heart is dancing too! What a joy to see these photos and so many (now) familiar faces.
    Pat is a dear friend of so many people.

    She gave me the best gift of all when I was in Uganda - she invited me into her friendships.

    Please give my love to Tume and Joyce! And I get to give Pat my own hug soon. Maureen

  5. Wish I could've been there to share in the dancing, celebrating you Pat. So grateful for all the love you've poured into so many lives, including mine. Webale mono Patti!

  6. Love seeing my sweet niece get her "groove on"!! You go, Lilli :)