Sunday, March 20, 2011

A last farewell

On Saturday, Pat packed up the last of her trunks and loaded Chrissy and Anna into the front of her vehicle. Dear friends came to give one last hug and bid Pat farewell from Bundibugyo. Pat will be in America for the next 5-6 months and then return to her new home in Fort Portal, Uganda. She will be working with local women in discipleship and teaching textile art through "Women of the Proverbs Project." We look forward to seeing God work in and through Pat in Fort just as He has here in Bundbugyo.
Aidan says, "Aunt Pat, what will I do without you?"
Ugandan confetti popper to celebrate Pat!
Amy receives Pat's keys, Ugandan style. We now have 28 key rings, each holding about 5 keys. And one big key ring with over one hundred keys that no one knows what they go to...
Pat leaves in disguise...

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