Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Chrissy!

Today we celebrate the 22 years of Chrissy Chipriano! Adventurous. Sensitive. Short. Spunky. Receives many Babwisi marriage proposals. Heart for prayer. Hard working. Accountant. Great Roommate. Music Mix Queen. Christmas Cookie Baker. Aidan’s Favorite. Steady. Cheerful. Compassionate.

We are grateful for her life, for her six months here, for her friendship.

Tonight, we all went out on the town…to Bundibugyo Town’s Hotel Vanilla to feast on plates and plates of rice, mashed Irish potatoes, vegetable palau, chicken in sauce, gnut sauce, fried potatoes, sodas, and birthday cupcakes and cheesecake. We were joined by a new friend Melissa, an epidemiologist who is investigating the nearby cholera outbreak. Chrissy was surprised to see that we even kept her childhood family tradition of using small plastic animals, specifically camels, to decorate her birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Chrissy!

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