Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a day…and it is only noon.

CSB boys’ football team plays 2 matches against local schools, but not at CSB due to local politics…so students miss a few classes and are escorted by teachers to a football pitch on the other side of the river. We pray for safety of the students and for a fairly refereed game so that the sidelines will be peaceful.

A memorial service for Chris Kanoble’s boy who died last week of sickle cell anemia was held this morning. Scott Will shared that this little guy was brought back from the brink of death numerous times by Jennifer, Heidi, and himself over the years. At church on Sunday, prayer for the family was asked as “this boy who sang in the front of the church was to be a future leader of this community has died too young.”

After arranging for the cow fence to be fixed again, Travis set out on his bicycle for a day of doing ultrasounds at the health center. As he went by the police station, a motorcycle passed him from behind. However, there was a motorcycle also coming towards him. As there was no room to swerve, the motorcycle hit him head-on. The next thing he remembers it that he was standing on the side of the road with his bicycle completely intact in his hands and the motorcycle was smashed up with both of the passengers injured. How did Travis and his bicycle fare better than a motorcycle and its passengers? Not sure, but we are thankful.

Then he continued to the health center to do ultrasounds on 25 pregnant women. Last night, after CSB teacher Bible study, we spent time with the wife of a CSB teacher who was in great pain. It was confirmed today that she miscarried shortly after we left. Medical intern Alyson was able to learn obstetrics-African style today as she partnered with Travis in doing “scans.”

I heard some screams and yells from the katubi and looked out to see three of our neighbors making quite a commotion. What unfolded was that the eldest of the three little girls playing there had seen a snake, grabbed the baby and yelled for her parents. When the parents heard “njuka” they came running as the possibility of being bitten by a snake here is not small thing. No snake has since appeared and it seems that we have less visitors to the katubi. Maybe the word is out…

And tonight, we will have late night conversations with folks in America who are interested in joining us here in Bundibugyo. Maybe I should not post this until after we talk. They may reconsider such a lifestyle…one that by noon one has had enough adventures to last a week.


  1. I was thinking of and praying for you guys this morning, as I enjoyed a as-leisurely-as-a-mom-can-take hot shower. I praise God for the sacrifices you've made to bring the Gospel and better healthcare to Bundi. One day and one prayer at at time may He sustain you and prosper your work to His glory. Love you all!

  2. i found your blog today through the Furman Senior Order newsletter I got in the mail today. It was fun to see familiar faces from so many years ago! what you guys is doing is really awesome! come and check out my blog when you get a chance. :)
    lora (deakins) rogers

  3. thanks Amy/Travis for your faithful work. Praising God for Travis' safety this week. Praying for the team as it continues to grow :)

    much, much love and prayer

  4. Wow! What a day. Trav, what a miracle that you weren't injured. Thanks be to God. He does great things... Love y'all.