Saturday, July 21, 2012

christmas in july

When things are tough, you just have to create your own fun.
In the past two weeks, our team has: lived under the threat of border insecurity and tribal conflict, without consistent electricity, lack of water (due to tribal conflict, but now fixed), restarted the outpatient nutrition program, consistently treated 40+ sick kids in a 27 bed ward, worked to raise money for the CSB financial crisis, worked to improve the CSB farms, started paperwork for the children's library, gladly welcomed visitors and hosted interns. Additionally, Aidan has given up his pacifier which has caused some sleepless nights in our house. In an effort to keep life balanced, we decided it was time for a celebration. Welcome to Christmas in July!
Yes, that is 2 year old Aidan taking a photo...

Holiday colors abound

Chrissy's Christmas Pizza!

Beautiful decorations thanks to Pamela and her elves

That is not the Grinch that is taking the tree, rather, the party had to be moved indoors as the rains came!

Chrissy leads the "White Elephant" gift swap

Is that the Bundi Santa?

Lilli wears the Sparkle hat

Pamela opens the favorite gift

Edward proudly wears the coveted gift: the "Roll" shirt, the Dr Pepper, the almonds, and the sunglasses!

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