Saturday, July 21, 2012

police cars, flying suits, and tents

There was (and still is) tribal conflict so the government sent police to impose a curfew and to prevent more violence.   This truck is parked in Nyahuka Town and several more are in Bundi Town. The conflict resulted in injuries, one reported death, and a cut water line to town. Praying for peace...

On Tuesdays, Travis does ultrasounds on women referred by the midwives. After several scans that showed no heartbeats, the Nurse Monica asked Travis to do an ultrasound of her belly. He had to tell her that he did not see a baby...but TWO babies! We celebrated with her last week as she has now delivered two healthy girls.

Happy to spend time with Bahati who is in nursing school with the plan to return here to serve this community!

Lilli took candy to share with neighbor kids. When she was overcomes by pushing hands, she decide to organize things a bit! She required them to get in a line and not push. What a girl!

I found Aidan with a small tool from Travis's office fixing his boda boda

Lilli invented a suit that allowed her to fly from the top of her bunk (complete with a large balloon on her back and safety goggles).

Aidan and Gladys

Camping out in our back yard (until the biting safari ants invaded!)

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