Monday, July 9, 2012

in one week

In one week…

Due to recent “activity” on the other side of the border with the DRC, our team met to discuss the situation and made plans.

Travis and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.

Our interns experienced their first African safari.

We celebrated America’s Independence with 30 Americans who serve in Western Uganda, complete with corn dogs, sweet corn, apple pie, and baseball.

Our team met in Fort Portal to craft vision and mission statements and a team covenant.

We experienced an earthquake.

Via email, we heard stories and reflections from many former WHM Bundi missionaries.

We celebrated Ann’s birthday.

For the first time EVER in Africa, Aidan remained in the children’s program at church, so Travis and I sat next to each other, uninterrupted, for an ENTIRE service.

From our conservationist friends, we collected seeds and saplings to plant indigenous canopy trees.

We had s’mores with our kids at a family campfire.

Because the king of Bakonjo visited Bundibugyo, there was conflict among the local tribes. This resulted in injuries, loss of property, a heavy police force which set a curfew, and a presidential appointed mediator to meet with tribal elders to come to a peaceful solution. Interestingly enough, the newspaper reported that a smaller tribe in the Bakonjo territory crowned their king while the king of Bakonjo was away…

During the tribal conflict, someone sabotaged the water line to Nyahuka Town, cutting off the water supply from the waterfall.

We got our car fixed…again.

And finally… the Sempaya Pass of the mountainous Bwamba Road is officially closed.

To quote our seven year old, “too much happened last week.”

Glad to be home. Things are peaceful here. Thanks for praying. 

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  1. Way to go, Aidan! That is huge-- so happy for yall.