Monday, July 23, 2012

never a dull moment...

The day began with a SNAP and then a series of noises of metal scraping against our concrete floor. Success! The spring trap had caught the largest rat, thus far, in this house. As he was such a beast, only part of him was caught, so he proceeded to run around the house with the trap attached to him. My heroic husband took care of the rest of him. 

After doing some katubi medicine, the remainder of the morning involved what teammate Michael best described as "thunder, rain, mud, standing water on airstrip, cloud coverage, more rain, many phone calls, up and down emotions, a window of opportunity, waiting, uncertainty, [and] an absolutely superb landing by Dallas (the Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot)." As Dallas flew circles around the airstrip, the visibility was low to nothing. That is not a good thing when the towering Rwenzori Mountains are right next to you! In his last attempt, the sky opened enough for him to fly through. Amazing.

We were happy to welcome JD Bonner and Loyd Baker, friends that were doing medical and evangelistic work in the Kampala area and whom had visited us last year. After a meal of gnut sauce and various forms of starch (posho, rice, matooke), Travis took them to the health center to see the surgery theater. It was great to catch up, talk about ministry here, and to pray together. 

Though the sun had come out for several hours today, the airstrip still had standing water and the plane gave an impressive spray as it took off. Pretty sure that is not supposed to happen! We are humbled that these supportive friends that would take such a risk and cost to come for a day to consult on a few patients here (including Travis's eye!) and bring encouragement our way. 

I only hope the rest of their flights back to America are not so eventful!

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