Saturday, July 21, 2012

debra, mitch, abel, lydia

It was with great enthusiasm that we all greeted our friends Debra and Mitch Wills and their friends Abel and Lydia. We first met Debra when we went to WHM's Sending Center for our Assessment with WHM. She and Mitch made us feel so welcomed and have become dear friends. We were delighted to host them when they came to see their friends Lydia and Abel in Uganda. After 12 hours of travel on public transportation (read: super crowded minivan on really bad roads), they were happy to unload their bags and join us for a dinner of Ugandan food.
They Arrived!

Aidan and Finch welcome them with "trumpets"!

Hearing Debra and Mitch's first impressions of Africa

Christine Isingoma also traveled with them. We are always happy when she comes to Bundi.

Abel, Lydia, Mitch, and Debra

Pizza Night Dinner with our visitors included Edward testing the heat of the fire.

Grateful for the opportunity to host Debra and Mitch!

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