Wednesday, July 25, 2012

water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink...

Josh does some repairs on one of our mission rainwater harvesting tanks and the attached gutters
Today, Travis counted 59 children in the pediatric ward that has 27 metal bed frames. That means that he and the other medical workers were literally stepping over children and parents as they gave patient care.

As we have noted, this is high season for malaria, malnutrition, measles, and cholera.

While we are concerned with the current problems, we also have to be thinking ahead and preparing for the likely event of  an impending total water crisis.

Today, our water engineer teammate Josh repaired one of our mission water tanks so that we can best harvest the rainwater of this rainy season. 

Knowing that both Michael and Josh have their hands full with their water and educational ministries, I am sending out an SOS on behalf of Christ School Bundibugyo. Today,  I sent the below pleading letter to the only two men that I know who work in water missions.

So, now I plead with you too. If you know of anyone who would be willing to help with the need as described below, will you have them email me? 

Here's my letter, here's my plead: 

"I am writing to you because we may have a total water crisis on our hands in a matter of just a few weeks.

As you may know, a Chinese company has been contracted to bring the East African Highway through our remote border village through DRC to Angola. The road work has been impressive as they have truly moved mountains to bring the road here.

However, they will only move water pipes that already exist, regardless of their condition, rather than improve or at least fix broken pipes.

The road has reached Bundibugyo Town which is 16 km from our Nyahuka Town. That town has an equal population to ours, but has 5 pipes that bring water from the gravitational flow system to the town as compared to our two pipes for our town of equal population. The GFS that was laid for Nyahuka Town was laid in spurts during the war here so it is shallow and the pipes have been broken and tentatively repaired in many, many places. Our WHM's water engineer Josh Dickenson has worked in partnership with the local government and road foreman tirelessly.

But that is not why I am emailing you. They can sort out the road work water issues.

I am writing because we run Christ School Bundibugyo, a 350 student christian boarding school that will likely be in a water crisis. Currently, the school has three water tanks that receive water from the GFS. Christ School Bundibugyo has NO RAINWATER SYSTEM. No gutters. No rainwater tanks.

Already, Bundibugyo Town has been without water for 5 weeks. Cholera is rampant. Travis has 59 sick children in a 27 bed ward; he is literally stepping over children. I cannot imagine what CSB will be like without water. When the school was without water for 5 days, we had to send students home. What will we do if there is no water for 5 weeks? Likely, students will not be able to complete their school year which means no university...all due to a lack of water.

We have the knowledge (Josh Dickenson, PhD) and the manpower (trained water technicians) and the water (this IS the rainforest and it is rainy season), but we have no financial resources to put in a rainwater system.

Can you direct me to people/organizations that support water missions financially?

Thanks. As you can tell, I am truly concerned. And praying.
Amy Johnson"

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  1. Asbury United Methodist Church (Madison, AL) did when I attended years ago. You could Google their site for contact info.
    Rhett Wheelers sister Ashley Wheeler
    Guntersville, AL
    GOD BLESS YOU. We are keeping you in our prayers.