Saturday, July 21, 2012

team vision and mission retreat

After 4th of July festivities, our team bunkered down for 3 days together to discuss our mission, vision, team covenant, personality types, and conflict resolution. As intense as that sounds, we also relaxed together in the beauty of Kluges Guest Farm. After two years of team transition, we are being blessed with teammates who live to serve Jesus in education, medicine, nutrition, orphan care, literacy, agriculture, water, and internship mentoring.  Amen.
Breakfast together at Klugues

As we talked about personality types and how God uses diversity for his glory,
 Ann led us in a game of "Eye, Body, Hand"

Can we work together with the gifts we are given to accomplish a purpose?
Even finding an object in the field is not easy unless we work together!

Ok, this is staged. While we are not the most charismatic group,
 we did enjoy singing together while Josh played the guitar.

Ann shares her graphic organizer in our discussion about conflict resolution.

Our awesome interns who held "Kids Camp" with the team kids at Kluges Guest Farm.

Team Bundi

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  1. wearing my team bundi shirt right now! And praying for you all daily. Jennifer